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2014-10-03 19:22:20 by KCampbell499

First off!


AND http://www.patreon.com/user?u=103252

I have a Patreon Page. That be all of that.

Secondly, I've been busy with EVERYTHING! So, sorry for the inactivity. I've been creating characters, doing projects, working, and all that stuff. Hope I cleared a few things. But yeah, that's all. 

-Kris Campbell


I should talked about my experiences of Kill la Kill on tumblr... since it be done and all, but here you guys and gals go! 


-Kris Campbell


2013-11-15 00:19:29 by KCampbell499

If you're realizing why I haven't made any animations on this site. Well, I'm busy that's why! But in the meantime, check out SPEEDDRAWING: Press Start It's a series I'm starting where I draw anything and record my process. Got any suggestions? Tell me! Click on the title and away you go!


- Kris Campbell

Ready or not, here they come!

2013-10-28 11:15:57 by KCampbell499

From the creator of Chip and Chuck Comics comes a new comic dedicated to classic games, new games, PC games, mobile games, and arcades. It has friends, foes, rivals, love, champions, losers, gaming, and frustrations.

Meet Rudolph, a deep voice classe console gamer with a love for anything nostalgic, and a deep thinker for the newer ideas of the world. DJ, a lovable guy and a ladies man who enjoys the newcomers of console gaming. And Suzy, a computer wiz and an all-around tough girl who rather play her video games on a personal computer.

…They’re Genies. Gaming Genies.

(Rated 16+)


-Kris Campbell

Ready or not, here they come!

New Comic Series: Gaming Genies

2013-08-04 19:20:25 by KCampbell499

Okay, some of you might or might not know, I make a webcomic weekly called Chip and Chuck.

A simple story about two twin brothers who are complete opposites. I've almost reached my 100th comic turn and it has been about 2 years. It's grown a little bit, but anybody reading it out there is just alright with me.

Anyway, I'm starting a new comic called Gaming Genies. Going into the mature market, this comic will be not only comical, but intelligent when it comes to the 3 types of gamers: Retro Console, New Age Console, and PC. This will be released 2-3 comics monthly and it won't be out of order with the dates like Chip and Chuck, but on time and precised. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the comic when it comes out.

NG UPDATE ONLY: Any flash movie productions are this: TV Tooners is discontinued. I thought I could start it but I can't. I want to focus on 2 specific projects: Music videos, and Flash Shorts about my ongoing comics. I want to create a fan-base for these so I can hopefully make a profit out of this selling books, t-shirts, and others. Hope you understand! Or not.

Either way, here's the promo picture for Gaming Genies!
Click here if it doesn't work: CLICK ME!

-Kris Campbell


2013-07-22 12:21:37 by KCampbell499

Accepting any commissions!

Email me at: kriscampbell_94commissions@live.com

Or message me at: KCampbell499 Facebook Page!

Paypal Commissions Donation!

Here's the pricing list: Commissions Pricing List! (Email me first, pay half using Paypal, then when I finish, pay the rest)

And yeah it has been a while since I posted a Journal on this site, so just to say what's been going on. Not much. Got a comic idea in the works and start releasing promos all over my sites. As for animations, man I should get back to it. But I ain't really motivated at the moment. Well, that be all! Back to business!

-Kris Campbell

Yeah! I made it. Check it here: Google Sonic Animated

I would upload it... but I don't know what category to put it in.

-Kris Campbell

Want to Rate my Comic?

2013-05-19 13:31:59 by KCampbell499

Want to rate my comic strips, Chip and Chuck on Top WebComics?

Then register there, and vote, visit, favourite or share the site to others you may or may not know!

Just click here: Chip and Chuck @ Top Web Comics

-Kris Campbell

What's Been Going ON?!

2013-02-20 20:56:37 by KCampbell499

What's Been Going On?!

You curious to know?!

True as it can be. But you can check it out here:
My Facebook Page

It features daily updates (if I can keep that promise), with downloads, pictures, scrapped ideas, and other pieces of crap that my mind came up with. Like, Subscribe, Love, Mate, Hate, Dislike, Envy, or Whatever! I don't care, just take a gander at it and see for yourself.

Anyway, off to bed. Night.

- Kris Campbell

P.S. The picture is a scrapped idea I had, wanna know more? Then click the link!

My own Facebook Page? How silly!