New Comic Series: Gaming Genies

2013-08-04 19:20:25 by KCampbell499

Okay, some of you might or might not know, I make a webcomic weekly called Chip and Chuck.

A simple story about two twin brothers who are complete opposites. I've almost reached my 100th comic turn and it has been about 2 years. It's grown a little bit, but anybody reading it out there is just alright with me.

Anyway, I'm starting a new comic called Gaming Genies. Going into the mature market, this comic will be not only comical, but intelligent when it comes to the 3 types of gamers: Retro Console, New Age Console, and PC. This will be released 2-3 comics monthly and it won't be out of order with the dates like Chip and Chuck, but on time and precised. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the comic when it comes out.

NG UPDATE ONLY: Any flash movie productions are this: TV Tooners is discontinued. I thought I could start it but I can't. I want to focus on 2 specific projects: Music videos, and Flash Shorts about my ongoing comics. I want to create a fan-base for these so I can hopefully make a profit out of this selling books, t-shirts, and others. Hope you understand! Or not.

Either way, here's the promo picture for Gaming Genies!
Click here if it doesn't work: CLICK ME!

-Kris Campbell


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